Two Words: Ice. Cream.

Now don’t think I went all soft on you and started eating dairy again.

My good friend Ashley is pretty health conscious and has taken an interest in my new allergen free eating. She came across this little ditty and sent it my way….with a question mark. I too felt questionable about it. UNTIL, that is, I tried it. It MAY rival my chocolate green smoothie in the deliciousness department.

Is the suspense killing you?

Read it: Banana Ice cream.

Now…the best part about this treat: it is ONLY made from bananas. One ingredient. One. Talk about all natural and unprocessed.

If you’ve ever mashed up a banana, you know that it gets kind of sticky and gooey. Well, when you freeze it, and then blend it, it comes out like whole milk, custardy, ice cream. Because this is FRESH FRUIT…you can eat ice cream for breakfast. Or ice cream for a snack. Or ice cream as a post-run refuel. Or, of course ice cream for dessert.

What’s even easier than gathering the ingredients for this treat?

The directions for preparing. The teacher in me is also going to tell you to make sure you read ALL of your directions (this means to the end of the page!) before starting your work! Trust me, you will thank me later.

1. Freeze your bananas until solid.

2. Put your bananas into a food processor or blender.

3. Blend until desired consistency is achieved. Remember: I hate chunks and pieces.

4. Eat your delicious treat.

Really? Anyone can do this. ANYONE.

A few words of wisdom:

1. If you don’t like bananas, there really isn’t a way around this one. I am pretty good at making people believe they like things that they once thought they didn’t by masking flavors. But this has one ingredient: bananas. Thus, if you don’t like bananas, you should probably avoid this.

2. PEEL YOUR BANANAS BEFORE YOU FREEZE THEM!!!! I felt utterly defeated when I realized that a frozen banana wrapped in a frozen banana peel is NOT fun to try and remove.  I also advise you to chop your bananas into chunks to make your blending experience a little easier. You can do this before you freeze, or after you freeze.

3. Know your banana habits. I like my bananas to have a mild flavor…I prefer them still a little green at the tips. My  mom likes her bananas overripe with brown spots on the peel. Choose when to freeze your bananas accordingly. Your ice cream flavor will be a direct reflection of the stage of ripening your bananas are in when you freeze them.

4. Get creative! Mix in honey, peanut butter, or maple syrup. Top with chocolate chips (vegan or dark chocolate of course) or sliced almonds.  Share your creativity with a comment!

Cheers to breakfast ice cream!

For this recipe and others like it visit


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