I am a twenty-something living outside of Washington, D.C. I am working to improve my life both mentally and physically; both from the inside and the out. Many of the ways I have made this possible is by information on the web and by others’ blogs. I wanted to pay it forward with mine.

I’ve never really had to worry about my health or weight, but those around me have. About a year ago I started to break out with itchy, inflamed acne on my face. I was also suffering from headaches multiple times a week since I was a child. I went to countless doctors, tried every product on the market (both over the counter and prescription) and was about 3 weeks away from going on Accutane (click here to find out more about this scary drug Someone close to me asked if I thought my symptoms could be the result of a food allergy. Intrigued, I took to the internet. I found some likely culprits (namely dairy and gluten) and decided to visit a nutritionist. She identified that I have a dairy allergy and recommended that I also avoid all dairy, refined sugars (processed foods!) and meats at least for a two-week detox plan.

I was terrified.  Although not a terrible eater, I would much prefer to eat cereal and milk for breakfast, snack on crackers or snack mixes, have yogurt and cheese and some fruit for lunch, and have chicken nuggets or spaghetti for dinner. And let’s not forget about sweets. If I could live on the cookies, ice cream, cakes, and candy diet, boy would I! How could I cut all of the things I love out of my diet and not miss them terribly?

Fortunately, my nutritionist guided me with recipes close to the things I enjoyed eating before, and let me tell you–I didn’t miss one of the things (not even cheese!) I had been eating before.

This process began for me less than a month ago (June 2011).  My itchy acne rash is not yet gone but has improved drastically and I just feel better on a whole level. I have not reintroduced any animal products into my diet and am eating very minimal amounts of refined sugars. I eat primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and beans. I have more energy. My blood sugar does not drop or spike. I sleep through the night. I wake up refreshed. I have lost some weight, though I have to say that is not a priority of mine. I like cooking and am learning not to hate washing dishes so much :).

I hope the articles on this blog help you accomplish whatever it is you are trying to improve in your life!


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